Born 1801 at South Ockendon in Essex. His parents were William Lamprill and Mary Buttell
Although not an ancestor, I am on this fellow's tail. He was married to Mary Ann BISHOP when convicted of sheep stealing in Essex in 1827. He arrived in Hobart Town per Asia and was assigned to David Reynolds near Brighton in 1834 and was with him when he drowned on the Derwent. He married David's widow, my great-great grandmother, in 1836, although permission to marry was delayed. Four sons were born by 1843 but two died in 1843 and in January 1846 he returned to England. Mary and the two remaining boys went to London in July 1846 but returned in 1847. William remarried in Essex in 1854 to his third wife, Sarah COTTON and died at Colchester six months later. In his will he left Tasmanian property and this does not seem to have been contested in Hobart.

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