Perhaps born in London in 1772, the son of Edward and Mary DUNCOMB, John DUNCOMBE was convicted of stealing at the Old Bailey in 1787 and transported on Albemarle, one of the Third Fleet ships, arriving in Sydney in 1791. He was transferred to Norfolk Island on Atlantic the following month and remained there as a carpenter after his sentence expired.
He left for the Derwent with the HAMBLY family, on HMS Porpoise in 1807 and married Elizabeth HAMBLY in Hobart the following year. Neither was able to sign their name. They had three daughters. He built mills with William HAMBLY and the family moved to their 60 acre land grant at Pittwater in 1815.
Unfortunately John DUNCOMBE became deranged and was sent to an asylum in Sydney in 1819. he died in Sydney in 1835.

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