Mary was born in Hobart Town in 1813, the second of three daughters of John DUNCOMBE and Elizabeth HAMBLY. Around 1815 the family moved to a farm at Pittwater. Her father was sent to Sydney due to mental illness in 1819 and her mother formed a new relationship. Mary and her sisters were left, presumably with her grandfather William HAMBLY, when her mother moved to northern Tasmania in 1825.
Mary married Charles RICHARDSON, at Pittwater, in 1827. I wonder if the facts that they married in the schoolhouse and all her children learned to read and write, are connected? Both Mary and her sister were able to sign their names.
Mary and Charles lived on the HAMBLY farm and raised eleven children. Her grandfather died in 1835 and left half his farm at Sorell Rivulet to her. In her will she left it to her husband for life, then her youngest son. She died in 1874 aged 61.

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