Charles RICHARDSON's arrival in Van Diemen's land has not been established but Trish Wood, who researched and wrote The Convict and the Carpenter, concluded that he was probably Charles MOORE who was convicted at Aylesbury in 1816 and transported to Port Jackson on Almorah then VDL by Pilot in 1817. He was an illiterate labourer and received a ticket of leave in 1823.
He married Mary DUNCOMBE at Pittwater in 1827. He was a bout 29 and she was 13.
They lived on the property at Sorell which had belonged to her uncle William HAMBLY Jnr. and had six daughters and five sons. When her grandfather William HAMBLY died in 1835, he left her half his farm at Sorell Rivulet, and they built a small house on it. All the children learnt to read and write.
Charles died at Sorell in 1875, a year after his wife, who left the farm to him for life, then to her youngest son.

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Susan said...

I am a grand daughter of Roy Edward Hall and am interested in finding out more about the Hall family in particular as I was adopted out of the family at an early age. I'm looking for photos to add to my family tree research.

I was lucky enough to meet with an aunt and cousins recently and am still in touch with them, life is so short! This has just been wonderful! Any pictures that you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Susan Taylor