Born at Barkway in Hertfordshire, England in 1754. She married Thomas Harmsworth there in 1780. He was a marine private. In 1787 they sailed with their two children from Portsmouth in Prince of Wales, arriving at Sydney Cove in 1788. A second son was born at sea in December 1787. A month after their arrival, their three year old son died of a fever, then her husband died in April.
Alice married another marine, Daniel Stanfield and had six more children. They settled on Norfolk Island then were transferred to Hobart Town in 1808, where they settled at Green Point, now Bridgewater, on the Derwent. Her daughter Ann Harmsworth had married in 1800 and remained in Sydney with her family. Her son John Harmsworth came to VDL from Norfolk Island with the 73rd Regiment and after service in  Ceylon, returned in 1820, but was unable to get a grant of land. He managed one of his brother Daniel Stanfield's properties, at Easter Marshes, and died at Clarence Plains in 1860, possibly the last survivor of the First Fleet.
Alice died in 1830 aged 74 and was buried at St David's in Hobart with her husband, who had died nearly five years earlier.
The house at Green Point? [not at the sewerage works?]
Her Stanfield children prospered in early Tasmania and became a close-knit clan, with descendants celebrating the Centenary of Green Point in 1908.

Barkway Church 2012

Barkway was a major stopping point on the coach route from London to Cambridge and the north-east of England until it was bypassed by the railway in the 19th century.
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