First Fleet marine, probably born at Peterborough, England in 1766. Married Alice MANSFIELD, widow of a fellow marine Thomas Harmsworth, in Sydney Town in 1791.
They had five children, and settled on Norfolk Island, later being relocated to the Derwent on the City of Edinburgh in 1808.
They farmed at Green Point near Bridgewater. This family has been well documented.
Daniel died in 1826 and was buried at St David's in Hobart.

The Alice Stanfield plaque attached by the Fellowship of First Fleeters incorrectly says that Alice was nee [born] Harmsworth, the name of her first husband.

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Anonymous said...

Do we know the name of Daniel Stanfield's siblings?

Anonymous said...

I am a descentant of first fleet setlers Daniel Stanfield and Alice nee Mansfield Harmsworth. MY great Grandfather William Lackey Williamson came to VDL in 1808 with his parents Daniel Stanfield and mother. HE was a sailor and owned the Curiosity Shop museum at Kingston Beach. I have documents from my great uncle and articles printed in Womens Weekly stating that his parents were first fleeters and settled in Tasmania in 1808. THeir story matches what my mother told me also. I would be grateful if you could help me with names of their children to confirm this link. I am having trouble finding records as it is too far back in time.
Thank you,
Lorraine Harvey ljoy7@bigpond.com

Anonymous said...

Hello again, I made some errors in my previous post.I am the great granddaughter of William Lackey Sweetingham Williamson. He was the only child and son of Elizabeth Stanfield and Alexander Sweetingham Williamson. His grand parents were Daniel Stanfield and Maria Kimberley who was the daughter of a 1st fleet convict. His great grandparents were Daniel Stanfield and Alice Mansfield.The linage forward from my Great grandfather is also quite wonderful.
Lorraine Harvey

Anonymous said...

Hello there my name is Dané Starr (born Stanfield) direct descendant to Daniel Stanfield senior if you are interested in finding out more my grandmother Joanie Stanfield has written books about the family and may have some family history and information ... Please try to contact her via Facebook... (81yrs young and new to Facebook ) hope you find what your looking for ��

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What a great webpage you have so much information. My 4th Great Grandfather was Samuel Marsden he married Ann Harmsworth. Ann was the daughter of Alice and Thomas Harmsworth. Alice married Daniel Stanfield when after the death of her husband Thomas. I am a descendant of Samuel and his relationship with first fleet convict Rachel Earley. They had a daughter called Elizabeth who married Uriah Allender. I would love to swap info with you. I have created a facebook page in the hope of connecting with more people who are descendant of Daniel Stanfield and family. My email address is Lisam_2088@yahoo.com.

Thankyou for reading my post.

Kind Regards
Lisa Edwards