Born on Norfolk Island in 1799, youngest child of Daniel Stanfield and Alice Mansfield. Her family arrived in Hobart Town in City of Edinburgh in 1808. They lived at Green Point on the Derwent near Bridgewater.
She married David Reynolds in 1866 and they had six children, one dying as a child. In 1834 he was drowned on the river and she married their convict servant William Lamprill in 1836 and had four more sons. Two of these children died in an epidemic in 1843. By this time three of her older children had married.
William returned to England in January 1846 and she followed him with their two children in May that year, returning to Tasmania with the children in July 1847. She was known as Granny Lamprill until she died in 1881. She was buried at St Marks in Pontville.


blair said...

Is this blog still active??

pretty interested in finding out more, i am married to decedents of Mary Reynolds and lucked upon this blog when i was looking for information on the old somerville house.

Sally said...

Hello Blair
Yes I add any new information which comes my way. There has been a lot of research done on Reynolds. Which branch do you fit into?

Jill said...

Hello, I'm also a descendant of Mary Ann and David, from their daughter Sarah.

I'd love some information on Summerville if available! jillray12@gmail.com

Cheers, Jill.