Born in England, possibly near Uxbridge, in 1794, he arrived in Sydney with his mother Sarah and three sisters on William Pitt in 1806. His father had arrived as a convict in 1800.
He served an apprenticehsip as a cooper in Sydney and sailed to Hobart Town on Mary and Sally in 1813. It carried a load of cedar, and later left for Macquarie Island where they hunted seals. He would have been useful in making the casks for the seal oil but there is no evidence in the ship's log that he went.
Three years later he married Mary Ann Stanfield in Hobart. He was working for her parents at Green Point. They built Somerville near Brighton, which is still occupied. They had six children.
He drowned in the Derwent River in 1834 while ferrying a boatload of grain to Hobart.

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