Elizabeth HAMBLY

Born on Norfolk Island in 1794, she was the daughter of William HAMBLY and Mary SPRINGHAM. Her mother died in 1796. Her father was farming on 60 acres and she had a brother who was four years older. The family left for Hobart Town on HMS Porpoise in 1807 after the government decided to abandon the Norfolk Island settlement.
Elizabeth married John DUNCOMBE in Hobart Town in 1808 and they had three daughters. After he was sent to Sydney in 1819, she formed a new relationship with William STEER and had five more children. They moved to Launceston around 1825, leaving her DUNCOMBE daughters at Pittwater, where they all married. They returned to Sorell around 1838. She died there in 1853.
For more information see Trish Wood's book The Convict and the Carpenter.


julia said...

Hi my name is Julia and my relatives are William Hambly and Mary Springham. I am from London, England and am looking for a copy of the book The convict and the Carpenter .... can anyone help?


Sally said...

Hello Julia
The book is in great demand but out of print and unlikely to be reprinted. See comments on William's entry. I have a copy and am happy to do some lookups.

Julia Hambly said...

Hi Sally

Could you do some look ups in the book and let me know any information on the Hambly side of the Family and also the Springham....Not sure if you will be able to scan any of the content to do with the Hambly's.

Look forward to hearing from you



Sally said...

Hi Julia
William Hambly junior baptised January 1790, died in 1817 without any known issue.