Alexander DENHOLM

Born in Edinburgh or nearby Currie in Scotland around 1781. He appears to have been the youngest of seven children of George DENHOLM and Mary GLASGOW who married at Currie in 1767. His father died there in 1786.
Alexander married Margaret CHRISTIE at Currie in 1807 and they had 4 children whom they left behind when they emigrated to Van Diemen's Land in 1822 on Urania. Another son was born in 1825.
He was a wheelwright and carpenter and they were among the earliest settlers at Bothwell in 1824.
His three sons came from Scotland in 1828.
He received a 320 acre grant at Black Marsh in 1829 which he called Currie Banks.
He died in 1859.
see The Dwellers at the Farm in the Valley by Bernard Denholm 1979 for a history of the Denholm family.

This may be a picture of his son Alexander.

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