Remembrance Day 11111111

Remembering those relatives [siblings of my grandparents] who served in the Great War 1914-18.

Walter Patterson, second son and third child of Walter and Louie Patterson. Born 1893 and lost at Mouquet Farm in the first week of September 1916, he left a fiancee, Julia Henley of Gardner's Bay, to mourn him.

Harry Clark 1883-. Second son of Alexander and Elizabeth Clark. Lucky to survive when a bullet hit a cigarette tin in his chest pocket.

Alf Clark 1890-1966. Sixth son and my grandmother's twin brother. Wounded.
George Clark 1893-1935. Youngest son. He got a bullet in his lungs and died of TB.

Claude Cawthorn 1888-1975, youngest son of John Henry and Martha Cawthorn, survived and took over his parents' farm at Upper Wattle Grove.

Duncan McRae 1892-1959, second son of Hector and Fanny McRae. Shot in the spine at Gallipoli, the day after the landing, he hauled himself around on sticks and became a noted yachtsman.
His cousin Jack Cook, who transferred to the British army, was awarded a Military Cross in September 1916, and was killed at Cortrai in Belgium in October 1918. He was the only son of Fanny's sister, Clara.


Sally said...

Thank you Terese Binns for telling us about her grandmother, Walter's fiancee Julia.

Anonymous said...

What about Facquahar McRae, uncle of Duncan, died 20 Nov 1936 pastoralist of Campania? He left his nephew Duncan 100 pounds in his will.