Born in 1840 at New Norfolk, he was the eldest of three sons of Henry David CAWTHORN and Ruth FINCHER. His father died in 1850, the same year as the accidental death of his grandfather, on whose original grant, Arundel, they lived.
John Henry married Martha Ann COCKERILL in 1870. They had 10 children, the first 6 being born at Arundel. They moved to High Arundel at Wattle Grove above the Huon River in 1879, where they grew small fruits and a general orchard.
Martha died in 1925 and John Henry in 1929 (in his 90th year).
High Arundel c1917
see Cyclopedia of Tasmania p418


Sue said...

Hello I just want to query John Henry Cawthorn's dates, please.
You say he was born in 1836 & died in 1929(in his 90th year), however according to my calculations this would be his 93rd year, can you please confirm the years, thankyou, Sue (niblet09@optusnet.com.au)

Sally said...

thank you Sue. His parents married in March 1839. There was also a ropemaker in New Norfolk having Cawthorn children around that time.

Sally said...

John Henry Cawthorn was christened at New Town in 1840, the year after his parents married.