George Milne

George Milne, merchant of Johnshaven was baptised in 1686 at Benholm, a mile from Johnshaven, and 26 miles south of Aberdeen in Scotland. His son, James was born there in 1721 and continued there in the same occupation.
George's father James Milne came from Montrose.

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pita walker-robinson said...

Hi There. I descend from George Milne born 7.Sep.1686 in Scotland. I don't have a wife for George but his father was James Milne. I have a record of George's children & i descend from James Milne born 23.Jul.1721.
James Milne married Margat Hutcheon & they had a son James Milne born 13.Mar.1744 - he married Elizabeth Scott they had a daughter Elizabeth Milne born 11.Feb.1781 & she married Thomas Alexander. Could have the same family tree?