Born in Bucklebury in Berkshire in 1826, his mother Sarah MAY was a widow when she married his father, also named Richard, in 1825. He had also been previously married and they seem to have been elderly parents with some older half-siblings in the area. She was about 50 years old when he was born.
Richard married Elizabeth Bullock at Windsor in 1849. They had five children, moving from Bucklebury to Reading between 1852 and 1856.
His wife died in 1869 and he remarried, Elizabeth Hambleton, who was similar age to his eldest daughter, in 1873, and had another four children. She died in 1898 and he died in 1909.
He was my great-great grandfather.


Victoria said...

Richard Wigmore is a distant link on my Sellwood tree but I have done some research on him, and he interests and intrigues me.
It would seem from what he said on the 1881 census that he married 3 times.

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Richard WIGMORE Head M Male 54 Bucklebury, Berkshire, England Coach Painter
Elizabeth WIGMORE 3rd Wife M Female 32 Burghfield, Berkshire, England
Richard WIGMORE Son U Male 30 Bucklebury, Berkshire, England Labourer General
Elizabeth WIGMORE Daur Female 6 Reading, Berkshire, England Scholar
Edith WIGMORE Daur Female 2 Reading, Berkshire, England Scholar
Dwelling 32 Somers Town
Census Place Reading St Mary, Berkshire, England
Family History Library Film 1341316
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 1302 / 72
Page Number 47

His first wife, Elizabeth Bullock of Windsor died in Reading Reg Dist in 1869 but I don't have the certificate as absolute proof.

The wife that he is with in 1881 is Elizabeth , dau of James and Lucy Hambleton/Hambledon and she was christened in Burghfield.

I only have a total of 7 children for him whereas you seem to have 8. There is one baptism (Louise) in Reading on the IGI for a Richard and Elizabeth in 1871, but that was between when the first one died and he married the one he was with in 1881. So it looks like he either married a third Elizabeth between the other two, or he was married before 1849. I don't have the marriage cert for Elizabeth Bullock to eliminate the latter possibility.
Also, all the baptisms are submitted, as against, collected entries and as such are to be viewed with a great deal of suspicion. Particularly the one for Elizabeth Mary 1856
Do you or anyone have any of the Civil certificates to match the marriages or children?? Or have seen the original Parish Records?

Sally said...

Hello Victoria
Thank you for your comments. I wonder if the 1881 census comment on 3 wife was an error? According to a tree submitted to the Wigmore mailing list in Dec 2004, Louisa was born about 1861. I do have Elizabeth Mary's birth certificate for 2 Nov 1856 and also her marriage certificate in January 1877.
No I have not done much research on this branch of my tree. I have found five children from the first marriage, then four from the second - probably from the above submitted tree.