Penelope PITT

- a possible ancestor - I have not done this research but it is a good story.
Penelope Pitt born 23 Feb, 1749 1st married to Edward, Earl Ligonier on 16 Dec, 1766, at the British Embassy in Paris.
She was divorced by Act of Parliament 7 Nov, 1771 (The cause was her adultery with Vittorio Amadeo, the well-known Count Alfieri with whom the Viscount accordingly fought a duel, 7 May, 1771, in the Green Park, with a sword which he borrowed from a cutler in Bond Street.
Later she had an intrigue with a postilion (man riding one of a pair of horses drawing a carriage). I wonder if this is my ancestor?
Her daughter[source?] Susannah RIVERS was born about 1779.

Penelope PITT was the eldest child of George PITT, Esq of Strathfieldsaye, MP for the Co Dorset. A diplomatist of the first grade, who was elevated to the peerage of Great Britain, 20 May, 1776, by the title of Baron Rivers of Strathfieldsaye. His Lordship obtained a second patent, 1 April, 1802, creating him Baron Rivers of Sudeley Castle, Co Gloucester. George PITT died in 1803 and was succeeded by Penelope's brother, one of the Lords of the bedchamber, who died unmarried in 1828.

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One line of my family also goes back to this link, so it appears that Susy had a brother William.

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